Entering the new Los Corales and tasting its renewed gastronomy is a gastronomic experience that will delight the most exquisite palates.

Los Corales
Los Corales
Los Corales

Group La Raza returns to its roots restoring the original restaurant concept of Los Corales, one of our first openings in 1938.. With a renewed focus on gastronomy, and a surprising touch in the preparation and presentation of its dishes Los Corales trusts in a market cuisine in which meat and fish take on a special role in the tradition of Robata-style grilling; a cooking technique in the oriental cuisine.

Another novelty of this new culinary concept is the completion of many of the menu items directly in front of the guests., A tradition that had fallen into disuse but is being revived by Los Corales, so that you will enjoy a pleasant dining experience before even trying our food.

Furthermore, todos all menu items are prepared without gluten-containing ingredients , offering a superb range of coeliac- friendly choices.

Also, being newly redecorated and with great attention to detail, by entering Los Corales you will find yourself in a comfortable space, warm and filled with much light thanks to the wide windows. A place with a combination of neutral and green tones, and where vegetation is very present. And all this in the heart of Seville, in Alvarez Quintero street, next to the Plaza del Salvador..

The origins of Los Corales date back to 1938, when Grupo La Raza opened this establishment where Sierpes street and General Polavieja street meet. A landmark restaurant in the 40s and 50s, and and famous in those years for the bullfighting gatherings, which were held there; and frequently attended by matadors like Juan Belmonte and Joselito el Gallo, among others.